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Jolly Phonics on Trial in Namibia June 2017

The Trust are delighted to advise that Jolly Phonics, the reading and maths program that we have used at Ehomba School for nearly 10 years, has now been adopted by the Namibian Government to be trialed in 8 different regions of the country.

We have used Jolly Phonics very successfully with our children who have gone from very low levels of achievement to well above the National average.  Our Trust has trained a large number of teachers not only in Ehomba and surrounding districts but also across the Northwest region of Namibia.  The results that these trained teachers have achieved with their children have been outstanding.

We are grateful to Chris Jolly of Jolly Phonics UK, for his generous support of our Trust and the work we have done in the Kunene Region of Namibia and now for his support of the Namibian Government's trial.  This is a great to the development of Namibia and their children.

We will let you know as soon as we hear how the trial goes and whether the program is adopted on a permanent basis in all Namibia.adding unique content, and stunning images and videos. Start creating your own blog now. Good luck!

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