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You can assist this project most by making a donation to:


Namibian Educational Trust

06 0293 0099461 00

The National Bank

Swift Code ANZBNZ 22


or by sending a donation to:


The Namibian Educational Trust

PO Box 6636, Auckland 1141


Please Note:

Every dollar raised for the Educational Trust is spent in Namibia on the children, their schools, teacher training and associated costs.  All of the travel of the trustees and friends are funded by themselves.


About Us

The Namibian Educational Trust was established in 2007 to help children in the Kunene District of North West Namibia. The Trust helps fund Ehomba Combined School and the 12 small local schools in the area. The Trust is focused on providing teacher training, curriculum support, school facilities and ongoing support for both students and teachers.


The key purposes of The Trust are:


  • To support the principal and teachers at Ehomba School;

  • To improve the educational standards and equipment for the children of the region.

  • To ensure that the children of the region attain the maximum level of basic education in order to unlock future opportunities; and

  • To offer scholarships to children who excel so the children from this region will have an opportunity of tertiary education, an option currently denied them because the closest secondary school is 110 kilometres away.

Trustees of the Namibian Educational Trust are: Mr Burton Shipley and Mr Garry Green.  Educational leader for the Trust projects is Mrs Mary Ashby-Green, former principal, phonics lead teacher and consultant. Dame Jenny Shipley is the founder and patron of the Trust.


Due to the nature of the Trust, and the commitments of the Trustees, we will try to get to your enquiries as soon as we are able. We appreciate all and any support we receive.

Send mail to:

The Namibian Educational Trust

PO Box 6636, Auckland 1141

Thanks for submitting!

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