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Building Project News July 2017

As announced in June 2016 the Namibian Educational Trust is partnering with the New Zealand and Namibian Governments to advance our project in Ehomba, Northwest Namibia. The two building projects we proposed have been approved by both governments.

The first project is the food hall and kitchen which we have worked hard toward for so long. When completed it will enable the children to have three meals a day as the school will then be on the Namibian Government's food in schools program. Following many discussions and deliberations building is about to start. We look forward to updating you on progress. The food hall and kitchen are now fully funded by the New Zealand Government, the Namibian Government and the Namibian Educational Trust.

The second project is too build extra teacher accommodation. As the role and the grades taught at Ehomba increase, the requirement for more and better trained teachers has become urgent. Currently some of our teachers are living in washhouses and an old armoury and Ehomba now needs better teacher accommodation urgently. We have 2/3 of the money required from the New Zealand Government Partnership Project fund. Currently we have raised NZ$30,000 towards the NZ$120,000 required . If any of our supporters are keen to assist us in bridging this gap, we would be immensely grateful. As soon as we achieve this target building can get underway.

Our objective is to raise the extra NZ$90,000 by the end of August 2017, so that when the builders are constructing the food hall they will be able to complete the extra teacher accommodation as well. The logistics of getting builders to Ehomba is challenging because of its remoteness and the costs associated with each building project is higher than normal because Ehomba is 1,000 kilometers north of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. These added complexities are always present in every aspect of our project but it is so worthwhile as the Himba and Owambo children begin their learning journey.

If you can help please email Burton Shipley at . The details of how you can donate are on the website or Burton will reply directly to your email.

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