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The New Zealand Government as a Partner June 2016

2016 has been a highlight for the Trust. The NZ Government's Partnerships for International Development Fund invited us to apply for project funding and has granted extensive funds to build a food hall and also to improve the teacher accommodation at Ehomba. The Partnership Fund is providing two thirds of the cost for the foodhall and kitchen and we have successfully raised the other third from the Namibian Education Ministry and our fundraising.

For the teachers accommodation, we are actively fundraising for a further NZD $100,000 to complete this part of the project. This critical facility will allow Ehomba to attract top quality teachers to expand the school to Grade 10 and continue to develop it as a centre of regional excellence. To offer some context, of the nine teachers who currently live at Ehomba School one lives in the old laundry and another lives in a former amoury so the need for new facilities is very clear.

The Partnership Fund will also provide for a 4 year programme of planned teacher development. This is a small but very important part of the project as it will provide a lasting legacy of improved teaching capabilities for the benefit of students. It will also mean that the region will have a dedicated local teacher Development Officer.

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