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Learning success with Jolly Phonics February 2016

Alexia Zuana continues to lead many teachers in the Ehomba region and our cluster of schools as well as on a wider front across Namibia in showing how the Jolly Phonics can be used to both improve the bilingual capabilities of students. The language development of our children is well ahead of the average for students who have both English and their native language as their indigenous language. We are measuring exciting achievements and enjoy great support from a number of officials who have seen the transformation occur.

We continue to make significant investment and are grateful for Chris Jolly and the support of his Jolly Phonics organisation for his generous contribution of materials on an ongoing basis that has allowed this huge progress to be made, both in inspiring the teachers and in benefiting the learners.

For those students now in the senior grades at Ehomba, it is very obvious that having been taught in the Jolly Phonics system in the junior school, it has provided significant advantages in their academic capability as they engage in the National Standards Examinations. The school is achieving far higher results that what otherwise would have been the case and even in the senior college which is in its infancy, we are achieving satisfactory results for children who have been raised in such remote circumstances and some of whom have not had access to a full, well equipped and well taught education from their junior years.

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