Jenny Shipley’s Charitable Trust to benefit the Children of Namibia


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This Trust exists with the purpose of unlocking opportunities for the children who live in the Kunene River District in north western Namibia.  The focal point of the Trust is Ehomba School where Mr Zauana and his fellow teachers educate and inspire the next generation of young Namibian children from this region.  The majority of them are of Himba origin, a fragile and delicate cultural group, in the process of making the transition from traditional values and practices, to a modern and free Namibia. 


The key purposes of the trust are:


  1. To support the principal and teachers at Ehomba School;
  2. To improve the educational standards and equipment for the children of the region. 
  3. To ensure that the children of the region attain the maximum level of basic education in order to unlock future opportunities; and
  4. To offer scholarships to children who excel so the children from this region will have an opportunity of a tertiary education, an option currently denied them because the closest secondary school is a 110 kilometres away.


I travelled to Namibia in 2007 to film the television travel log Intrepid Journey. I came across this school -Ehomba Primary that is in desperate need of assistance. This region is known as Kaokaoland, and is home to the Himba tribe. Many of the children that come to this school, although not traditionally dressed like Mwendela here, are Himba - it struck me as an amazing and fragile ancient culture - that will be preserved only through the empowerment of its people through education.

There are 150 students aged 7 to 18 years who board here during the week and walk to school on Sunday afternoon and home at the weekends, a trip of anything up to 20 kilometers .  Their school is an old army base, left over from the bloody and recent Angolan war which finished in 2002.  It is stark and the conditions hard, but it offers hope!


The principal, Mr Zauana, is an inspired character who is trying desperately to hold things together in an isolated area with scant resources. The school has no electricity because the generator caught fire and the shed burnt down last June. click here for balance of story